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Winsun’s Extraordinary Inflatable Tents
Winsun’s Extraordinary Inflatable Tents
Ideal for sampling tours, festivals, concerts, trade shows, sporting events, medical, commercial, advertising and military application, our custom inflatable tents or inflatable pavilions can be tailored to your exact specifications and marketing needs. By combining various fabrics and shapes, our inflatable tents provide unlimited usage possibilities!
We have full range of inflatables from amusement equipment to tents. Our inflatable equipment that provides style, exciting, safety, yet keeps the human scale. The contribution that Winsun’s functional,practical, stylish and amusement solutions can make to the entertainment and recreation is widely recognized by societies. We carry quality inflatables with stylistic variations. With sleek, modern, and bold designs available you’ll be able to match the aesthetic you are going for. Our product quality and style are suitable for the development and requirement of international markets. Our inflatable products are made of PVC tarpaulin, which is a new type of environmentally friendly and fire-retardant material.
Our products and solutions are recognized by more and more buyers for their novel and innovative design, high cost performance, reliable quality and excellent service. More and more customers come to visit our factory and experience our products on-site, and finally reached agreement with us and ordered our products. Not long ago, we won the government procurement tender in Georgia and received the first trial order of 12 tents. This is just one of examples.